Tom Marshall

Technical Writer

Accurate and versatile writer with proven ability to produce high-quality content to deadlines.

Project Management


Experienced and reliable, capable of managing the complete documentation process across concurrent projects: providing a clear definition of scope and an accurate work estimation based on client requirements, researching information sources and interviewing SMEs, designing templates and layouts, creating and combining text and image content, conducting reviews of documentation and seeking feedback for improvements, supervising translations and document delivery, providing progress reports to management.

Work Ethic


Takes responsibility for assigned and assumed tasks, fulfils obligations, and delivers on time, aiming to surpass expectations whenever possible. Always ready to apply a flexible approach to challenges and is adaptable to any situation. Has a track record of working effectively and seamlessly with multiple teams and service providers across different global locations. Maintains professional relationships with clients through regular contact and reporting, using telephone, email, messaging and onsite visits.



Can assimilate technical specifications rapidly and interpret complex information for different audiences, such as end users or service engineers. Builds good working relationships with experts and maintains regular and timely contact with project managers and developers. Conscious of maintaining and updating skill sets, very quick to learn new tools when needed (self-taught in structured writing and the DITA specification).

Working Environment


Can work efficiently between teams, balancing the demands of project stakeholders while maintaining regulatory requirements and corporate style guidelines. Has extensive experience of working independently and unsupervised as the sole writer for a project, as well as collaborating with a team of writers and mentoring new writers. Draws on experience of a variety of technical and non-technical disciplines and industries, and approaches projects with a well-rounded and positive outlook.

Authoring Tools and Skills


Technically proficient in a range of content creation software packages and methodologies. Expert FrameMaker user with 12 years’ experience of creating user guides: configuring templates with master pages for complex layouts and reference pages for special formatting, designing character and paragraph catalogues, building TOCs and indexes, controlling common strings with variables and managing product variations with conditional text. 5 years’ experience of creating XML content in XMetaL and Arbortext Editor using the DITA specification and a content management system based on Documentum. 1 year’s experience of using Schema ST4, single-sourcing PDF and CHM output. In-depth working knowledge of tagging and topic-based writing.

Image Editing Tools and Skills


Advanced Photoshop user, can process raw images for professional presentation: straightening, cropping, making complex selections, masking and layers, levels and curves adjustments, sharpening, white balance and colour correction and image resizing for correct output resolution. Competent Illustrator and Inkscape user with working knowledge of creating vector illustrations and complex callouts.

Other Production Tools


InDesign, Quark XPress, Acrobat, Word, Excel, Visio, ConnectedText, Notepad++, WordPress, FrontPage, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, GIMP, Snagit.

Writing Skills


Clear writing style. Accurate editing and proofreading. Can write in UK English or US English. Can write in global English for improved translation efficiency and comprehension for non-native English speakers. Writing references that I keep on my desk: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Authors and Publishers, The Chicago Manual of Style and Microsoft Manual of Style.

Documentation Experience


Medical imaging systems user manuals for clinical users (hardware and software). Online service documentation for field service engineers. Marketing brochures and leaflets for commercial enterprises. Hardware and software validation documentation for computer engineers.



Microsoft operating systems and applications, computer hardware systems, medical imaging systems (DICOM), networking (TCP/IP, LAN, WAN).